Earth Resonance (7.83) Trinaural

The entrainment rhythm of 7.83 hertz is the frequency produced by Earth and is very grounding. This frequency has reportedly helped with jetlag and is claimed to help protect from mind control, increase tolerance to stress, promote healing, and stimulate the pituitary to release HGH (helps with muscle development, recovery from injuries, and rejuvenation). Some have said it "leaves you feeling revitalized like you've spent a day in the country." People have reported accelerated healing and enhanced learning. Uses trinaural rhythms, and does not require headphones. However, while not required, stereo headphones will enhance the audio experience, and you will not experience the full power of this method without them. Trinaurals were developed by us, and are a careful mixture of three powerful entrainment methods -- binaurals, monaurals, and stereophonic pulses -- which, when combined, produce a highly powerful entrainment effect that cannot be matched by any other single audio entrainment method. This program contains instructions and almost three hours of audio in MP3 format. Instant download.