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Pride's Doomsday

June 6, 2010
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Pride's Doomsday

This week's message is Pride's Doomsday. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

When is the End?

In the last couple hundred years, we've seen a lot of doomsday predictions come and go. Some sounded quite wacky to most of us (like the alien visitors in Heaven's Gate), while others sound pretty believable. How do these things fit in with Scripture? What about 2012? And is there a doomsday we can and should declare?

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Today, we take a look at these issues and explore the true effects of pride, ending with a challenge to declare our own doomsday on this enemy mankind.

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Salvation for Son, Healing for Finances – Julie writes, were having severe financial difficulties on top of that my 20y old addict to marijuana dosnt work does nothing but insult me threaten me scare me all day long this is going on for couple of years or more, im in bed most of time high bp dizzy stress dont feel well now its worst weak? and he opens the lock and comes to insult me throw things at me he wont leave brags about takin advantage im alone til nite and then hes gone my husband cosumed with barely making to survive and fears him so im on my own ive ben callin cops fitin batle for yrs im tired help me i cry evyday have no support!

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