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Milk and Meat

March 18, 2007
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Milk and Meat

This week's message is Milk and Meat. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

The Question

In Hebrews, the writer tells the church they have been Christians long enough that they should be teachers, and yet they still had not matured enough for the "meat" of the Word, but still needed the "milk."

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In a world filled with compromise and at best watered-down doctrine, with the entertainment we choose indoctrinating us with the worldly, carnal mindset, what is our true spiritual condition? Are we really ready for meat in a world full of near-truth teachings, or do we need to make some changes in our choices so we can receive the spiritual nutrition we need to grow out of our diapers and into spiritual maturity?

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The Challenge

Without a vision, a challenge, something to strive for, something for which we must stretch and leave our comfort zones, we begin to stagnate and die. And so through his Word, the Holy Spirit is offering us a challenge today. Fellowship - click to enlarge

Today we call a 30-day fast; not from food, unless the Lord so directs you, but from choosing to spend our time feeding on worldly entertainment, and instead feed upon the pure Word of God, the basic principles, and spending time in the presence of God.

For many of you who accept this challenge, it will change your life. It will put you on a path to which you previously were oblivious, or which you simply didn't have the strength to get around your obstacles and follow.

The challenge is a challenge of setting ourselves apart to seek after God and his nature, his mind, his ways, and his Holy Spirit, at the exclusion of other non-essential things, so that we can gain a higher level of spiritual discernment and begin or strengthen spiritual growth.

Jesus is coming very soon. God has a work for us to do. The Holy Spirit is moving all around the world, and is drawing us to purify ourselves with the Word and prayer and worship, and by taking this time to shut out the indoctrinating, carnal worldview that is present all over the TV, magazines, books, and music that do not present the clear, undiluted Word of God.

As we answer this call, as we accept this challenge, as we get serious about seeking a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit to blow through our hearts and lives, we will see God move in ways we may not have expected. And as we reach out to the 4.8 million people in the virtual Internet community God has called us to touch, this intensity of the presence of God will draw more and more people into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

Relationship with God and Eachother Fatima writes, "Please pray for Javon and me (Fatima). Javon is going through some things at the moment... He made some mistakes and is now doing 3 and half years in prison. I know he is hurting and is real stress. Altar Ministry - click to enlarge I know this is going to put a real strain on our relationship. We are supposed to be close and emotional wise he doesnt want to come to with anything. Time and time again I let him I know I love him and Im here with him while he does his time. Please pray our relationship gets strong and can hold up during this time and that he know that he can come to me with anything."

Restoration of Marriage Jaime writes, "Please, pray for my marriage. My wife is planning to leave me, she does not know Jesus, I hope God can hep me. Please pray for the restoration of all my family in Jesus almighty name. Thanks for your prayers."

Healing for Mother Mariposa writes, "My mom has many health problems. Please pray for her health. Her name is Carol."

Healing for Son Ann writes, "Please pray my son will be re-opened in to the world his body has shut down and he is in the hosptal. Please heal him so he can be with his friends again and that he will be able to-go back to Shaw communtions."

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