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The Law of Reciprocity

September 24, 2006
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The Law of Reciprocity

This week's message is The Law of Reciprocity. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

We Reap What We Sow

Scripture tells us in Galatians, "...whatever a man sows, that also shall he reap." Most of us have heard this Scripture many times. But what does it really mean?

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In today's message we explore what's called "The Law of Reciprocity" or "The Law of Sowing and Reaping". Just as gravity always pulls objects to itself, whatever we sow, that is what we reap.

Is this some type of magical recipe for prosperity? Or do these words of Jesus, "Give and it will be given unto you" go much deeper than a formula for gain?

Choose your connection speed above and join us as we worship God in song and then explore the heart of God on the subject of giving.

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Do Unto Others...

In today's passage we read, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This is known as the Golden Rule, and most of us have heard it numerous times. Fellowship - click to enlarge

But do we live by these words? Before interacting with others (or not interacting), do we stop and think, "How would I want to be treated if the shoes were on the other feet?"

I believe through today's passage God wants to share something with us that's very close to his heart, and is in fact a part of his being. We all desire, deep down, to have mercy, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, and love shown to us; not begrudgingly, but from a heart of Godly, selfless love.

So next time we have the opportunity to give or withhold, to love or despise, to give kindness or hardness, to forgive or begrudge; next time we're faced with dealing with someone for whom Jesus died, let us treat them the way God wants to treat them -- the way we want to be treated ourselves.

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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

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Thyroid Healing Karene writes, "I need prayer for my health. My thyroid is low and I need a med. adjustment; in the meantime my body aches and I feel very tired all the time. Which makes it hard to get anything done during the day. Also that the Lords will be done in a decision concerning my older son. God knows the details."

Keep Watch! Darryl writes, "Dear Prayer Warriors, As most Christians around the world are saying, the end of satan's rule draws near. Stay vigilant. You have all authority over the enemy in Jesus name. Keep praying for our warriors. And, Unite all Christians in the mighty name of Jesus. Kindness and many blessings to you. Brother Darryl."

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