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April 15, 2007
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This week's message is Excellence. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

All to the Glory of God

It seems as though we continue to lower our standards. Just a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable for a teacher to mark a spelling word correct because only one or two letters were missed. But instead of pressing toward excellence, we are slipping into mediocrity.

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But God is calling us to a higher standard than the world. He is calling us to reach for excellence in everything we do. And as we begin to make his standards our own, we will begin to see God glorified more and more through our lives.

Choose your connection speed above as we seek the heart and mind of God.

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Whatever You Do in Word or Deed

Scripture tells us that "Whatever you do in word or in deed, do all to the glory of God." This includes our work, our play, our rest, and our labor. This Scripture, although speaking in the context of the conscience of our brothers and sisters in Christ, is a call to a life of excellence. Fellowship - click to enlarge

Entire libraries could be filled with examples of ways in which we can glorify God by seeking excellence in those area. But the most relevant question we can ask ourselves to determine the ways in which we should seek excellence is, "What do I do?"

When God has called you to do something, whether that something is being a missionary to a remote people group, being an employee or employer, or being a mother or a father and a husband or a wife, all the things God has called us to do, he's called us to do with excellence.

This most certainly includes our fulfilling of Jesus' command to "Proclaim the Good News to everyone everywhere." How has God called you to proclaim the Good News? Do that thing with all your heart, and strive for Godly excellence. For us, God has called us to reach out through a virtual Internet community. Continue to pray for us that God will enable us to minister with ever-increasing excellence.

Currently there are more than 5,589,708 people in the virtual community we have been called to reach, and that number grows by 200,000 to 350,000 per week. Help us reach as many of those as possible with the love and life-changing Good News of reconciliation with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please partner with us today! Ask God what he would have you do as a one-time gift and as a monthly partner.

Additionally, you can ask us to send information about our ministry in the virtual world to your pastor, ministry, or Christian business. When they catch the vision and see what a large and virtually unreached mission field the virtual world is, they will be given the chance to play a part in this powerful outreach. Visit here to request information sent to your church, ministry, or Christian business.

Visit here to become a financial partner or give a one-time gift today. And remember, whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto Jesus.

Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

Thankfulness and Blessings on Family Litron writes, "i want to praise and glorify god for my life, and ask him for my family. Altar Ministry - click to enlarge

Personal Transformation Kitila writes, "i was going to leave a pray in this comment but after reading all thos with truly more needs then me i fell teh suffering i have felt isnt nothing to some of the others and i want them all to know i HOPE you get your prayers answered God is strong he has gaven me everything i ever asked for when i was in a troubled Spot of my life even things i regret asking for now because they messed my life up and now i pray i can get back into the military after LIEING to get out cause iwanted to party and do drugs it's been 2 years now im 19 i want ot right my wrong choose and fix my life please pray for me."

Father's Blood Clot Carl writes, "My Father fell just some few moments ago, I live in Wyoming and there in California. He hit his head and a blood clot formed and they are taking him in for brain surgery to remove the clot. Please pray for my Father Carl Pane Sr @ inland valley hospital in Murrieta Cal. Its not his time, I havent gotten to tell him how wonderful he is and that he is my hero and that Iam so proud of him. Thank you."

Protection and Guidance Terry writes, "(I pray for) protection to my daughter jamil she leave the house, because i noticed that didn't go to school ang no grade. please help to pray that she safe and come back to my home and start a new life.i know god will touch her heart to come home in jesus name i pray amen"

God's Help with Ministry Brent writes, "CoS Ministries is in need of some prayer support. Blessings to you all in Jesus Name!"

God's Help with Raising Baby Dani writes, "I have a new baby and sometimes I feel depressed having to take care of him all the time, pray for a better attitude plz."

Pray For Us! Please pray that God will continue to move through this ministry in an even greater measure. Without your prayers, our labor will not have much effect. But when the work of the ministry is backed by prayer, great things will happen!

Visit our prayer center to post requests or pray for those who daily request prayer. If you wish to be a prayer partner and have the requests e-mailed to you, contact us.

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