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When the Presence of God is Removed

April 22, 2007
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When the Presence of God is Removed

This week's message is When the Presence of God is Removed. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

The Restraining Power of God

Does God restrain evil? Does he have an active power in the earth to hold back the tide of darkness that would engulf the whole earth? And will that restraining power always be around?

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Scripture tells us that the power of God that currently holds back evil and the rise of the antichrist will some day be removed, and satan will thus be allowed to take over the whole earth. We talk about this today, seeing how a well-known and ancient Biblical example shines a light on where we are today.

Choose your connection speed above as we explore the issue of the removal of the restraining presence of God.

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Why Not Throw Off Restraint?

When we want to do something that God says is wrong, we so often try to justify our actions. Many false churches have been built upon the foundation of Scriptures and reason twisted to make room for, or even embrace, sin. And some might ask, "Is God really that upset by sin, or are we who speak out for righteousness just being old-fashioned, judgemental, and bigoted?" Fellowship - click to enlarge

Phoney love has sent more people to hell than sin itself. When those who represent the restraining power of God tell the world, "You're okay, what you're doing is just human and God doesn't really mind," then the very things that power was meant to do are undone. And lives and eternal destinies are destroyed.

Jesus was the embodiment of pure love. And yet he did not just forgive sins. He told the forgiven to go and sin no more. He first wiped the sins away, and then he put up a protecting wall of instruction and of the Spirit of God so the forgiven could walk in newness of life.

The Church is called to be a restraining power of God in the earth today. Through prayer, witness, and standing up for righteousness and true justice, we hold back the ocean of darkness that is battling to swallow up the earth and all its inhabitants. That's why Jesus told us we are to be salty salt and shining lights.

When the Church is removed, evil will be able to take over the world. And the end, just as in our example today of Sodom and Gomorrah, will be complete destruction.

This is why we minister in the virtual world. With almost six million residents, the enemy would love nothing better than to have the restraining power of God, the active Church, removed from this influential environment. Continue to pray for us as we press forward, and ask the Lord if he would have you become a supporting partner.

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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

Breaking Soul Ties Cheryl writes, "Please pray for me. Somedays I want to go to sleep, and not wake up. I have to rid my heart, and life of a horrible soul tie. I divorced my husband 6years ago due to abuse isues, including abuse from his family, even his brother horribly assulted me 20+years ago. I did remarry my husband april'06 after feeling burdened by the Lord to return to him. He has made wonderful changes. But coming back to him was the Lord not that I was back in love with him. However before the divorce I fell very deep in love, and sin with another man. I thought I was finally happy, Altar Ministry - click to enlarge truly loved, and safe. (I shoulda realized sin wasn't going to bring peace, and happiness. After a few years some red flags went up, and then other man decided"relationships are too much work", I seen also where total comitment is too much for him, and he needs the attention of many women. Even thru all that I still love/desire, and miss this other man. I NEED TO LET GO. I need to completely rid my heart, and life of these horrible sinful desires. I need to fall in love with my husband, and to get stronger in God's will than ever before please help me... Thank you, and God Bless Cheryl

Healing Friend from Cancer Klu writes, "Please pray that Jesus heals Gwen's cancer. All things are possible if only we believe. Thanks and GOD bless you all."

Salvation for Brothers Wijnand writes, "Please pray for my 2 brothers. They are not christians and they really need the Lord! Thanks for your prayers."

Holy Spirit Baptism Wijnand writes, "I want to be filled by the Holy Spirit, but I am praying for it about 1,5 years and it doens't happen yet. Will you pray that God will fill me (and baptise me) with His Holy Spirit? Thanks Already."

Virginia Tech KirstenAnn writes, "Please pray for the students, facility, helping professionals, family and friends of Virginia Tech."

Healing from Severe Illness Garron writes, "I struggle with severe irritable bowel syndrome, and I live every day in amazing amounts of pain. I have to try to get a job or I'll be kicked out of my mom's house because I am financially ruining her. I'll end up at my dad's if I can't work."

Heart Healing and God's Love Ken writes, "Holyghost in miracles I need Tonya s ' love for me Restored immediatly in her heart and mind the same kind the same amount that I have for her sort of like back when we WERE engaged only Stronger and Everlasting so she will ask me to marry her today yes a miracle impossible no Through God ALL-ALL things are possible."

Healing for Pastor Bob Caebrianna writes, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I'm writing to request prayer for my amazing Pastor. On thursday he had chest pains while driving and suffered a massive heart attack, he pulled into a firestation and they rushed him to the hospital, his heart stopped on the way. they did cpr for 15 minutes and took him to the hospital, they did "stents" and angioplasty, and he stayed the night in the cath lab. When he woke up hestarted pulling the tubes out of his chest and they had to sedate him. That was thursday night, Pastor Bob is only in his 50s and a fun, kind man. He is still sedated but please, would you do me the honor of praying for this great man. <>< "

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