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Special Ministry Message

August 6, 2007
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We Want to Send You a Special CD!

If you've been receiving our newsletter for awhile, you know about our passion to reach those who are spiritually hungry and dry with the Bread of Life and the living water that flows from the rock Christ Jesus. We do this primarily through a virtual 3-D community on the Internet, introducing the presence of God through prayer, worship, and solid Biblical teaching.

I wanted to take a moment to sow some seeds of ministry into your life, by offering three special CDs to you. When you request these CDs for yourself or as a gift, not only will they minister to you and with whomever you share them, but you will also be helping us continue our ministry which is changing lives every day.

Here are the first three CD packages I'd like to send you:

ALM CyberChurch Services

All the services from the past month on CD, including praise and worship and Biblical messages. To receive these CDs every month, simply become a ministry partner for at least $12.50/week.

Get the last whole month of ALM CyberChurch services on CD for $50.00 (+$3.50 shipping & handling)

Jen's Poetry, Volume One

This is a beautiful collection of Jennifer Faust's poems, set to original music and various sound effects. Be challenged, encouraged, and experience both laughter and tears as you take this poetic journey with us.

Get these beautiful poems on CD for $12.95 (+$1.50 shipping & handling)

Stories Volume One - ALM CyberChurch

The Potter
A loving father, a potter, teaches his son timeless truths from the Bible using his potter's wheel and a lump of clay to explain submission to God and the beauty of the people he has created.

The Box
On a journey through childhood to adulthood, this story shows how the things that happen to us can cause us to build walls between us and others, and between us and God, and how we can be set free.

Kids of the Kingdom
A colorful, rhythmic story about the Good King, his adopted children, and the tricks the enemy uses to bind and destroy them. Full of paraphrased Scripture and Biblical truths, this story paints a vivid picture of often misunderstood truths.

Your Giants
The story of David and Goliath taken from Scripture, with sound effects, ending witha short yet enlightening commentary which brings the story home.

Get all these stories on CD for $12.95 (+$1.50 shipping & handling)

You can also order these at one of these two locations: Visit this page to become a ministry partner.

Thank you for your help in reaching the harvest for Jesus!

God Bless,
Rev. Benjamin and Jennifer Faust
Pioneer Missions in Online Worlds

Living Sounds Digital Ministries
PO Box 816 Harrisonburg, VA 22803 (540) 830-2971



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