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Is Jesus a Myth from Egypt?

August 12, 2007
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Is Jesus a Myth from Egypt?

This week's message is Is Jesus a Myth From Egypt?. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

What's this Egypt Stuff?

If you don't spend much time on the Internet, chances are not as great, but you still may have heard the so-called documentation that several Egyptian myths dating thousands of years before Jesus' birth contain countless striking similarities to the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus, thereby asserting that Jesus is only a myth copied from Egypt.

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This issue was brought to my attention when someone asked me to watch a video stating such assertions as undeniable fact. I believe their faith was being shaken, and they told me several friends are now athiests because of the film. While I won't advertise the film by mentioning its name, the so-called facts presented there are becoming increasingly popular, and it's important we know the truth so we're not lead astray by the upcoming assault of powerful deceptions prophecied in Scripture.

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Truth and Lies

Suppose you found out that many years before Jesus, several Egyptian mythological characters were born of a virgin, were baptised at age 30, had 12 disciples, walked on water and healed the sick, were crucified between two thieves, were laid in a borrowed tomb, and rose again after three days? Would your faith be shaken? What would your response be? Fellowship - click to enlarge

Such statements are indeed being circulated as historical fact. And many are being lead astray. I believe this is just the beginning of a time of great deception whose shadow is beginning to fall over the whole earth. As the Spirit of God is poured out all over the world during this great harvest, the powers of darkness will also increase their activities.

The claims surrounding Egyption Myths and the truth about Jesus are explored in today's message. While genuine historical documents do not contain these Messianic similarities, and while they in fact did not appear until some time in the 19th or 20th century, they are too often believed as truth. And we are committed to proclaiming the truth, working while it is still day before the night comes in which no man can work.

The mission field in which we minister, a virtual 3-D world on the Internet, attracts a large number of creative and intellectual people. An intellectual mind can be a blessing when surrendered to Jesus, or a curse when ruled by the spirit of this age. We've talked with countless people in that global community who worship science and embrace altered history, including alterations which are designed to prove that Jesus is simply a myth.

Because of your prayers and financial support, we are able to continue combatting the lies of the enemy, exposing him for the loser he is and offering the truth of the Gospel to all who will hear. And as financial support increases, we will move closer to our vision of working the field full time. The harvest is great, but the laborers are few. Pray the Lord of the harvest to send more workers into the field, and pray whether God would have you become a ministry partner with us.

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