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What is Prayer?

September 16, 2007
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What is Prayer?

This week's message is What is Prayer?. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

A Ritual or a Lifestyle?

Some view prayer as a religious ritual that involves counting beads or reciting words. Others see prayer as purely a lifestyle and not as an event. But what does Scipture say about prayer?

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Today we lay the foundation for the next few weeks during which, Lord willing, we will take each part of the model prayer Jesus gave us, and take a deeper look at the richness of each one.

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An Event and a Lifestyle

Today we see that prayer is both an event ("...and when you pray, go into your room and shut your door...") and a lifestyle ("pray without ceasing"). And it's worth reminding ourselves that without prayer, we are powerless. If we do not have that daily ongoing communion with God, we are in a sad shape indeed. Fellowship - click to enlarge

Without prayer, we will not see revival. We will not see salvations. We will not see deliverance. We will not see miracles. And Scripture seems to say that we will not see God. This is why we're taking the next few weeks to talk about prayer. It is so vital to everything we do.

Without prayer, our going into a 3-D virtual world on the Internet will just be a waste of time. But if we pray, and if God raises up others to pray, then great things will continue to happen. Please pray for us.

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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

Deliverance and Transformation Kevin writes, I am a Christian and I need help. I have been struggling with homosexuality and lust for a number of years now, and its getting to the place that I just dont want to do what I am doing. Although I have not had a physical sexual relationship with a man, I still have done behavior to that of a homosexual person. I want to be set free and let the Holy Spirit Altar Ministry - click to enlarge impact my life. I know that I am in bondage and I cannot do this myself to be free. At this time, I dont know who to turn to or trust and I just cant think that this should remain a secret. I do however fear what people will think of me. I feel all alone in this, and that is what I dont want to happen. Please pray for restoration of my life. I want to be like Christ and not have this burden.

Husband Returning to God Rolene writes, Prayer friends, please pray and believe with me that my husband will return to the Lord and serve Him as he once did. Also hubby just lost his job and we have two young children. Thank you for your time. God bless you.

Friend's CT Scan/Biopsy Dianne writes, Prayers for friend undergoing CT Scan/biopsy and other tests in the next few days/weeks to determine cause of leg edema/venous insufficiency. Prayers that tests will show no cancer and findings are treatable, no surgery required.

Healing for Friends HoneyB writes, Please pray for healing for my friends

Pray For Us! Please pray that God will continue to move through this ministry in an even greater measure. Without your prayers, our labor will not have much effect. But when the work of the ministry is backed by prayer, great things will happen!

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