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Important Announcement

October 22, 2007
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Important Announcement!

Living Sounds Digital Ministries and the ALM CyberChurch, under the name of Abundant Living Ministries, is now registered with the IRS as a 501-C3 non-profit organization. This means that all your donations are now tax deductible.

I would like to share our ministry vision with you, and have provided a special audio I'd like you to hear. If you're on dialup, right-click your mouse here, select Save As, save it to your desktop, and then listen to it. Otherwise, listen here.

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Virtual Church Service

Take a moment now to listen to our Ministry Vision. It includes interviews with some of the people from the virtual world, and a clear explination of our vision and where we're heading, as well as a short word of encouragement from Scripture concerning the path God has for YOU.

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Visit our prayer center to post requests or pray for those who daily request prayer. If you wish to be a prayer partner and have the requests e-mailed to you, contact us.

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