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Last Week's Newsletter and Service – "Hope in Sorrow"

February 15, 2008
Last Week's Newsletter and Service – "Hope in Sorrow"

Due to server issues, we have not been able to send out last week's newsletter, publish the podcast, or make the audio available on the website. Last week's message, "Hope in Sorrow," was brought to us by one of our valued ministry partners, and as soon as we can get everything back up and working, we will send that and any other missed services to you. Our sincere apologies for this delay.

Also accept our apologies if you tried to respond to the "Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift" message we sent you, and found only a non-functioning site. We have our online store back up and running now with a few more products. It's too late for Valentine's Day, but there are lots of other things there. Register for the newsletter there, and we'll let you know when the things in which you're interested (that you may already be buying elsewhere) become available.

Also by visiting the above link, you are helping this ministry stay afloat during some very difficult times.

Our prayer request submission form is not fully functional, our apologies for that as well. If you have a prayer request you'd like sent to our prayer team, please send it to IMPORTANT: Please let us know if the request is public or private. If public, it will be posted on the website and mentioned in the next virtual Church service. Otherwise, only our prayer team will know about it.

God Bless,
Ben & Jen Faust

Abundant Living Ministries
PO Box 816
Harrisonburg, VA 22803


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