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How Precious Are Your Thoughts

March 2, 2008
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How Precious Are Your Thoughts

This week's message is How Precious Are Your Thoughts. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

You Have Searched Me And Know Me

The Psalmist writes, "You have searched me and known me." He goes on to list some of the ways in which God knows him, everything about him, all his ways, and even the meditations of his heart.

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There is never a time or a place where God is far away. He is always there, and is always thinking about us. And his thoughts are thoughts of good, to give us a future and a hope.

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If I Were To Number Them...

In today's passage from Psalms, the writer ponders the fact that the thoughts of God toward each one of us are more than the grains of sand. And Scripture tells us that his thoughts toward us are all good. They are precious, and we are precious to him. Fellowship - click to enlarge

So next time you feel as though God is just waiting to destroy you, or he's angry with you, or he has turned his back on you, remember the words of this Psalm. No matter where you are in life, he is with you, and he is thinking about you; and all his thoughts toward you are peace, not evil, to give you a good future and a beautiful hope in something true.

And remember that God's thoughts toward the lost and dying all around you every single day are more than the grains of sand. If God is thinking about the lost ones whose paths you will cross, and if he is crying out to hold them and save them from eternity in hell, what can our response be besides bringing them the Good News of reconciliation with God through Christ Jesus.

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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

Healing from Cancer – Taylaa writes, I'm asking for prayer for healing. I was just diagnose with cancer in my uterus and I'm asking for prayer that god will guide me and the doctors.

Altar Ministry - click to enlarge Prayer for Parents – Sarah writes, Please pray for my parents. My mother's health is in decline, and I belive she has gone into a depression. Another problem both she and my stepfather share is that their finances are in constant peril. They literally live from paycheck to paycheck. They have no life insurance, and my husband and I don't really have enough of any funds from our own wallets to really help them. Please also pray for my Dad and stepmother. Their problem is mostly spiritual. Please ask the Lord to bring them close to Him, and that they will share a full and active relationship with Jesus. Thanks for your prayers, and God bless.

A Second Chance – Bobbi writes, I ask the lord to see Austin through this hard time he is having in his life right now, he has made some mistakes in his past, that he regrets, & he has asked for forgiveness, I ask that the lord please give him a second chance & please forgive him, I ask that all favor be on him, & his case when he goes to court, I ask that everything works out, & he gets to come home to the people who need, & love him. I ask that the lord please just give him a second chance to be the man, who seeks the lords face, & be the man he is meant to be. I ask that everything works out for him... I believe, I have faith, & I trust him & I know he is the only one who can help Austin right now...

Deliverance and Healing – Vijayakumar writes, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME DAILY UNTIL CURE Please pray that God will brake the curse and other spells that were made against me.i am vijayakumar from chennai india.Age 35.I am in the middle of spiritual warfare and would appreciate the prayers of agreement for victory over enemies..A very hard battle - the enemy is trying to destroy my life and my walk with the Lord.I find myself in a dire situation and need your prayers.please pray that Lord will send his guardian angels and that they would guard me day and night Also pray for me in your FASTING PRAYER , COMPELETLY CURE ME. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING.

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