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Urgent Request

November 1, 2006
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Limited Opportunity to Reach the Harvest!

As most of you know, we've been ministering for over a year in a 3D virtual community, which has grown from around 20,000 when we first started, to over 1,200,000 (one million) residents today.

Many of these people are hiding from the "real world", and can be reached in no other way; so we go to where they are and share with them the love and transforming power of the cross, and a personal relationship with Jesus.

Many others are Christians but cannot attend a physical church for various reasons. They are able to meet with other believers from all around the world and worship God and study his Word together.

Whether they are hiding, searching, or just playing, there is a quickly-growing harvest in a vastly overlooked world.

Large corporations see the business potential, and are pouring time, money, and talent into creating a presence in this virtual world. Why? Because they know they can influence the buying decisions of the million plus people in that world, and thereby make a larger profit.

Jesus said, "the children of the world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." The secular business world is pouring funds into influencing people to buy. Will the Church do the same to influence people to turn from their lives of sin and their eternal destination of hell, and turn to Jesus instead? Or will we stand by while the corporations and pornographers take center stage?

Lost Opportunity We Must Act Today!

The virtual world, "Second Life", has announced their prices will increase by about $100/month and several hundred for the setup of an "island", a large place in the virtual world where the million plus residents can go. They have also announced that starting at 1:00pm Pacific time today (November 1st), there will be up to 150 islands available at the old price.

Over the period of one year, this would save the ministry $1,200.00, IF we act now.

Why an Island?

Right now we can allow only 40 people into our services at one time. We've had to turn away an unknown number of people who want to attend our worship services where they would hear about Jesus. If we owned an island, we could let more people in.

People are looking for clean, fun things to do in Second Life. Unfortunately, the pornographic and gambling industries have leaped on the opportunity to influence people, and there are few place people can go which are both clean and fun, and even fewer which are dedicated to pointed people to Jesus, centering around him.

We are ready to purchase an island and create such a place wholly dedicated to Jesus and the advancement of God's Kingdom. The monthly cost, if we purchase an island today, will remain the same as what we've been paying. If we wait, this amount will almost double, and will be out of our range.

How Can I Help?

We need $900 to purchase an island. Please prayerfully consider making a generous donation toward this ministry outreach. 100% of your gift will go toward the purchasing and maintaining of the island for the spreading of the Good News.

Visit this page to help.

Thank you for your help in reaching the harvest for Jesus!

God Bless,
Rev. Benjamin and Jennifer Faust
Pioneer Missions in Online Worlds

Living Sounds Digital Ministries
PO Box 816 Harrisonburg, VA 22803 (540) 830-2971



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