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21st Century City of Babel

July 13, 2008
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21st Century City of Babel

This week's message is 21st Century City of Babel. Choose your connection speed to listen: dialup - broadband - transcript

The Great Unstoppable City

Near the beginning of time, the people of the earth spoke one language and had one dialect. They were unified as one, and set out to build a great city whose tower reached into the heavens, making a name for themselves so they would not be scattered. But God had another idea, and by confusing their language, he scattered them across the face of the earth.

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Today we consider ways in which today's nations and today's Church are similar to the people and the time of Babel, and ponder what our response should be.

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As in the Beginning, So in the End

From the first moment after the fall of man and the judgment of God, nothing has really changed. Nations still rise and fall, brought high because of unity, and torn down because they did not please God. Today is no different from yesterday. We still become corrupted by our achievements and realize that we can achieve anything we set our minds to do. The problem is that we forget that if our goals are not God's goals, he will be against us and we will ultimately fail. Fellowship - click to enlarge

God did not scatter the people of Babel with a hurricane, or an earthquake, or a volcanic erruption, or fire from heaven. No, all God did was confuse their language. And the people scattered over the face of the earth.

Satan, the unoriginal copycat he is, has never had an original thought. He steals all his ideas. And the idea of dividing and conquering by confusing the language is no exception. In the account of Babel, we read that they not only had one language, but one dialect. But in the Church, even with one language of the Gospel, we have many dialects. And it is because we stray from the firm foundation of the Holy Scriptures, oft times without even realizing it.

We use our reason and our imagination to come to conclusions, and then consider those to be a solid foundation for doctrine. This can be seen in the idea that satan is a toothless lion, or God no longer speaks directly to us, or the Holy Spirit no longer operates through all the gifts as he did in the days of Pentecost. Yet, the Bible does not state any of this. And if things that in the Bible were holy are now not of God at all, don't you think the Bible would clearly tell us so?

But many of us accept things that seem right or alleviate our fears or sooth our discomfort without demanding solid statements from Scripture. And in doing so, we are cooperating with the enemy who is copying God's method of scattering a strongly unified people in an attempt to keep them from being invincible, the confusing of the language and their dialect.

We need to stop all this nonsense and drop our religious garbage and skewed doctrines, and come back to one language and one dialect, so we can become the unstoppable force God intended the Church to be. We will then be able to stop arguing amongst ourselves, and turn that effort instead to obeying the Great Commission, which is to go into all the world in the power of the Holy Spirit, proclaiming the Good News of reconciliation to God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Healing from Stomach Cancer – Grambo writes, hi can you please pray for oda she has stomach cancer and is only 50 years old thanks

Drawing Closer to God – Kenny writes, Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, would you please be so kind as to say a simple little prayer for me? Like: "Dear GOD please draw Kenny closer to YOU!" Thank you all very much & may GOD bless you & yours - Abundantly!

Recovery after Surgery – StacyAnne writes, Please Pray for Laval Sands, she is going in for surgery at 3:30am (SL Time) Tuesday (7/8/08). She would greatly appreciate your prayers.

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